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Em-Ing's has the perfect way to put fun back into "fun"draising for your organization. Our method of making money is used extensively in the mid-west, but we are the first to bring it to this area. You can't believe how easy it is to make $500 to $1500 and more with only a fraction of the work as in other fundraising activities. We have many organizations who utilize our fundraising services year after year. In fact, many use us several times a year.

The way it works is simple. Your group goes out ahead of time and takes orders for the delecious barbecued ribs and chicken. The group selects the date, time and place where the orders are to be picked up by your customers. On the given fundraiser day, Em-Ing's will cook and deliver all product (chicken and ribs) wrapped and weighed in insulated carriers. We supply your bags and barbeque sauce which is then packaged and distributed by your group. You collect the money from the customers coming in to pick up the orders. It is then your responsibility to return the catering equipment and any remaining supplies to Em-Ing's in a timely manner.

Em-Ing's is sure you'll find our product will sell themselves. Our specially designed barbecue machines are self-basting. The fresh meats are basted in our own North Carolina style dip that is a vinegar-based sauce with over 24 different herbs and spices. When you put the two together you have the tenderest, tastiest barbecue around that is always fully cooked and juicy. Our product is also very freezable and microwaveable.. True barbecued ribs and chicken are a pleasant change from the traditional ham sandwhich and candy bar sales.

The ammount your organization makes depends solely on the amount of effort that is placed in the selling. Remember, pre-selling is the key to any successful fundraiser. Basically, you will make at least $1.50 or more over the wholesale prices. Please note on the attached price sheet that any orders falling under the 500 piece mark will be charged at the higher price. The more you sell, the more you make.

All types and varieties of fundraising are available from Em-Ing's. dinners are also available as well as lunches to the area businesses. Contact us in person or telephone seven days a week at 410-352-5711 or 888-458-7436.
Ray (jake) Emig


CHICKEN (over 500) half $3.75 $5.50
(under 500)   $3.80 4 for $20.00
(over 500) pounds $4.85 $6.50
(under 500)   $4.90 4 for $19.00

The above may be combined for total pieces: (example: 250 halves and 250 pounds of country style would total 500 pieces) this will enable the pricing to be at the lower pricing. Also, by booking two or more fundraiser within this year will provide the lesser pricing.

Additional charges for Foil Wrap will be charged 10 cents for each item. This type of wrap is required by USDA and the local Helath Departments in order to keep the meat at the required temperature until which time the meat is served.

SPECIAL NOTE: Orders totaling (less than 200 pieces) will have a 20% Surcharge added or the Organization may pick up at Bishopville Em-Ing's and eliminate the surcharge.

EM-ING'S PIG PICKIN' pound $7.75 $4.25 per sand
CHICKEN BREAST 5 oz serving $2.60 $3.50 per sand
EM_ING'S BURGERS 5 oz serving $2.60 $3.50 per sand
PIT BEEF pound $7.75 $4.50 per sand
PLATTER SELECTIONS: Includes foil wrapped meat selection
of 2 side dishes for the whole fundraiser,
roll, butter, cutlery BBQ sauce, carry out trays, carry out bags
CHICKEN 1/2 chicken $6.75 $8.50
COUNTRY STYLE RIB 3/4 lb. country rib $6.90 $9.50
1/4 chicken,
3/4 lb. country rib
$8.50 $10.50

Potato Salad, Dutch Cole Slaw, Mashed Potatoes, Hot Apples, Applesauce, Macaroni Salad, Green Beans, Pasta Salad, Creamy Cole Slaw, Baked Beans

SPECIAL NOTE: Macaroni and Cheese add $1.00 extra to the price above

Dessert and Beverage Optional with additional pricing



Make sure your location is easily accessible to your customers . . . Easy In . . . Easy Out.

Keep traffic flow and the reason people are driving by your location in mind when choosing a location.


Limit time on tickets: For example 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. for ticket holders. By limiting time for Pick-Ups you are able to sell product not claimed by the advertised time.


Em-Ing's will mail 10 posters at no charge on date of contract. You may pick up or request additional posters by calling us at 410-352-5711 or pick up at our Bishopville location; Intersection off Rt. 610 and Rt. 113, one mile south of Selbyville, DE at the stop light.


THE CHARGE WILL BE $15.00 PER HOUR. Ask for this service when confirming the order one week prior to your sale.


Check first with the driver or Em-Ing's representative. Call Em-Ing's for any amount available. The organization will need to pick up additional product, if available at Em-Ing's. If fundraiser is out of the immediate area of Em-Ing's home base there will be the order amount delivered.

Your Organization benefits with The More You Sell The More Money You Make — The Secret is SELL - SELL - SELL — It's the Best Fundraiser with the least work you can plan. Let our staff at Em-Ing's help your Organiztion, Church, School, Band, Scout Troop or any non-profit group, make the necessary monies you need for whatever reason.

We can send the products on the day of your function
and you can sell as the people come to pick up the meals.
Or you can take orders and presell if your organization wishes.

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